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Web3, in real life?

Yes, we’re real and we’re here to help educate.


Curious about Web3? Solana Spaces is here to help you onboard and start your journey.

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Set up your Phantom wallet in store and start exploring projects on the Solana ecosystem.


Learn about DeFi, NFTs, games and a variety of Solana projects to earn immediate rewards.

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Orca can teach you to trade & learn about STEPN, a play-to-earn game built on Solana.


Immerse yourself in our Solana blockchain visualizer, NFT gallery or Web3 projects.

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Shop the Degen Ape pop-up or our limited edition blanksoles x Solana shoe with companion NFT.

Welcome to the first immersive Web3 learning space, where you can explore the ecosystem of Solana and learn about blockchains. All while earning rewards.

Interested in a group session?

Solana Spaces is available for corporate training, group tours, web3 education and private events. Custom programming is also available.

Shop the Drops.

Solana Merchandise: Solana branded socks
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Solana Merchandise: Degen Hat
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Solana Merchandise: Solana branded shoe
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Solana Merchandise: Solana branded socks
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Snag the latest Solana gear and limited edition collabs with makers and artists in the NFT space and the Web3 world.

Exclusively in store.
Receive a 50% discount up to $200 off when using Solana Pay.

A whole ecosystem of partners awaits.

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Experience Solana.

In the real world.


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  • Wallet Onboarding
  • Interactive Tutorials
  • Blockchain Immersion
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Store Hours

  • Monday - Saturday 10AM - 8PM
  • Sunday 11AM - 7PM



Join us at the Formfunction Gallery pop-up at the Solana Spaces NYC store from Sept 15th - 30th. This exhibit will feature 17 Formfunction artists whose work will be on display IRL. Visitors will be able to learn about Formfunction’s community and use their app to browse more 1/1 artworks. Formfunction is a Solana NFT marketplace designed for independent artists and creators.

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